Poetics of Space

A living creature fills an empty refuge, images inhabit, and all corners are haunted, if not inhabited.
— Mark Z Danielewski

Advice Needed feature

Advice Needed music video featured on http://vincentspicks.com.au/

Josh O’Keefe’s music video for Nutrition is like being caught in a perpetual electronic undertow. In his words, “We dived into a dark digitalocean and harvested hyper-coloured doom”.

Advice Needed is the sort of video you sit back and let wash over you until you wake up hours later, mouth drooling, disoriented and wondering where your pants are. The visuals are hypnotic, ominous and punctuated by looping digital gems (namely, a dude’s hopeless attempt at chasing a cube, fuck that’s great). Naturally, it compliments the deep-house electronica of Byron local, Eli Coppock, lulling you calmly into a fuzzy world of creeping euphoria.

The video’s concept was conceived with Eli, something that Josh says came easily. “We’re very similar dudes so it was super easy deciding the images and symbols that best suit the song.” From there, the two worked on developing a larger visual. “We made an hour long version of the video for their set at paradise music festival and the music video is the best bits of it.”

Josh worked close with good mates and first time collaborators Darren and Cal, thrashing out ideas over many long nights, modelling the elements and deciding the flow. “The whole process took so long because it was one big experiment, we had no idea of the outcome so we just kept going.” The video’s warped VHS visuals were Cal’s handy work, a result of running VHS tapes through a wobbulator and messing around with them until you get the right effect. Once the one-hour video had life, O’Keefe chopped it down to a six-minute piece in about a day, applying Darren’s colour grade to finish.
— http://vincentspicks.com.au/josh-okeefe-advice-needed/